Kristy Smith

Website Developer / Programmer

I'm Kristy, an ambitious freelance website developer and programmer from Stratford, Ontario. I believe in creating websites that allow you to take control of your content while giving you the functionality you need. From a basic WordPress site to a custom e-commerce implementation, I can provide the solution you need and show you how to manage your own content. Don't have time to update your site? I also provide prompt and affordable website maintenance services. Running a business is hard work, running your website doesn't have to be!




If you have a business, you need a website

A website with great content, that looks awesome, functions flawlessly, and meets your needs. From design to development, together we can create the best online presence for your business. Whether you need a fully custom e-commerce web store, a conference registration website, or a simple brochure style website, I believe in creating websites that are easy to update for even the most technologically challenged. No project is too big or too small.


Affordable rates and quick results

It's important to keep your website content fresh, and if you don't have the time, I can help. My affordable rates don't impose an hourly minimum and small updates can usually occur within the same business day. Fresh content helps to boost your search engine ranking and keeps visitors coming back. I can keep your product catalogue up to date, switch out your promotional banners, update your blog, integrate your social media feeds, and everything in between.

Seach Engine Optimization

Improve your visibility

The way that search engines work is constantly changing, and keeping your site optimized will help you gain the best possible ranking. I believe it's important to provide more than just a couple tweaks to your website to help you gain visibility. I provide education and strategies, as well as programming services, to help you keep your website optimized with every update that you make.


I am seriously passionate about programming...

Here are some recent highlights from my personal portfolio. All of my websites are programmed to be cross-browser compliant (IE7 and up) while taking advantage of the latest advances in web programming to reduce load times while providing awesome, interactive features.

CAA Seniors Driving Site

CAA Seniors Driving Portal

Designed by my colleagues at Excentric, I programmed this bilingual, WordPress based site that serves up regionalized content based on postal code entry. It also features a responsive mobile theme, and a number of interactive jQuery games and tools.

See it in action:

Allison Wood Counselling

This template-based WordPress site is not only beautiful, but provides an easy-to-manage interface allowing Allison to keep it up-to-date without any programming knowledge.

See it in action:

TRICO Evolution Website

Designed by my amazing colleagues at Excentric, I programmed this responsive, WordPress based site that looks stunning even on high-density retina display devices.

See it in action:

Excentric Responsive Website

Excentric Agency Website

Excentric is a great agency that I'm proud to be a part of. Our website needed a refresh and since that's what we do at Excentric, the whole team collaborated on this award-winning design. I programmed this WordPress based site to be responsive with high-density graphics. Custom jQuery scripting throughout makes the site very interactive.

See it in action:

CAA Electric Vehicles Site

CAA Electric Vehicles Site

Also designed by the wonderful people of Excentric, I programmed this WordPress based multi-lingual site that serves up regionalized content based on postal code entry. It also features a responsive mobile theme.

See it in action:

CAA Drive Right Site

CAA Drive Right Site

Designed by the wonderful people of Excentric, this was my first multi-lingual website. Based in WordPress this site serves up regionalized content based on postal code entry. It also features a responsive mobile theme.

See it in action:

Elora Label Site

Elora Label Company

This WordPress based project came to me half-finished. It had a design in place but it needed some polishing. With a little graphic design and programming I turned the site into a fully functioning e-commerce shop with a PayPal gateway.

See it in action:


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I would hire Kristy again in an instant! Kristy goes above and beyond and is always ready and willing to give great advice and fix problems before you knew you had them! I have been extremely impressed with Kristy from the moment we first talked. Kristy is always professional, on time, very efficient and very friendly. I love her enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and her creative thinking.

Maggie Chilton

Owner, Maxwell Designs